Women in the Economy: 1st Annual Workshop

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ISI, Delhi Centre


March 28, 2019


March 29, 2019
Women in the Economy: 1st Annual Workshop

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Culture and Social Norms
Choice, Constraints, and Cultural Norms: Understanding Constraints to Female Labour Force Participation in India – Ashwini Deshpande (Ashoka University)
Norms, Attitudes, and Behaviors Among Young Men in an Urban Slum: Observational Outcomes and Results from an Experiment – Atonu Rabbani (University of Dhaka)
Home Production, Social Norms, and Women’s Labor Supply – Kanika Mahajan (Ashoka University) 

Gender and Education
Reshaping Gender Attitudes: Evidence from a School-based Experiment in India – Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University)
Preferences over Higher Education and Jobs: Understanding the Gender Gap – Anisha Sharma (Ashoka University)
Gender Peer Effects in High Schools: Evidence from India – Arka Roy Chaudhuri (ISI, Delhi)

Women at Work
More Money, More Problems: Expectations, Wage Hikes, and Worker Voice – Anant Nyshadham (Boston College)
Juggling Work and Childcare: Female Employment Opportunities and Child Health in Bangladesh – Sisir Debnath (ISB, Hyderabad)
Social Networks, Worker Reputation, and Productivity: Evidence from Production Lines in Garment Factories – Farzana Afridi (ISI, Delhi)