Women in the Economy: 3rd Annual Workshop

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March 11, 2021


March 13, 2021
Women in the Economy: 3rd Annual Workshop

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[Keynote Address] The Legacy of Female Landlords in India – Siwan Anderson (University of British Columbia) Video

[Panel Discussion] Women’s Labour Force Participation: Research and Policy Priorities – Ashwini Deshpande (Ashoka University), Yamini Atmavilas (BMGF), Farzana Afridi (ISI Delhi Centre), Soumya K. Mehta (IWWAGE) Video

[Session 1: Health] Supply-induced demand for tertiary healthcare: Evidence from a state health insurance scheme in India – Komal Sareen (IIT Delhi) Video Slides

[Session 1: Health] Can legal bans to sex detection technology reduce gender discrimination? – Aparajita Dasgupta (Ashoka University) Video Paper Slides

[Session 1: Health] Gender disparities in the prevalence of undernutrition in India: The unexplored effects of drinking contaminated water – Khushboo Aggarwal (JNU) Video Paper Slides

[Session 2: Jobs] Impact of financial access on gender gap in entrepreneurship and financial inclusion: Evidence from India – Sandhya Garg (IEG) Video

[Session 2: Jobs] Female labour supply and jobless recovery – Pubali Chakraborty (Ashoka University) Video Paper

[Session 2: Jobs] Word matter: Gender, jobs, and application behaviour – Kanika Mahajan (Ashoka University) Video

[Session 3: Workplace] Tackling sexual harassment: Evidence from India – Karmini Sharma (University of Warwick) Video

[Session 3: Workplace] Gender peer effects in the workplace: A field experiment in Indian call centers – Deepshikha Batheja (CDDEP) Video Paper

[Session 3: Workplace] The gendered effects of climate change: Production shocks and labour usage in agriculture – Nikita Sangwan (ISI Delhi Centre) Video

Announcement of Best Paper Awards & concluding remarks: Video